The Voodoo Puppet of Baal

In the wake of blockbuster elections in 2032, Lt. Col Manny Garcia will become President of the United States. His “American Renewal” party will dominate the House of Representatives.
Historians of the twenty second century will mark that year’s political campaign as the founding event of the Aquarian Age.
In 1986 Manny Garcia is an orphan growing up on the North End of Springfield, Massachusetts. At 15, he is getting his life together after a belligerent childhood with his abusive stepbrother, Arnaldo. Friends admire him, his teachers respect him, and little kids love his magic act, modeled after his professional hero, Harry Houdini. The future Leader of the Free World has just started going out with Ellen Rosen, a girl who commutes to his school from the better-off end of the city
It had been decided at Manny’s birth— that precisely at this time of his life— the Aquarian would receive instruction from Samuel T. Hermano— part wizard, part rabbi— sent by secret allies to prepare the boy for his eventual role on the world stage.
After going to extraordinary lengths to get the teenager’s attention, Hermano teaches young Garcia how to control his energy by “collecting himself”— preparing him to project his astral body over space and time
Just as Manny is starting to grasp his new physical and supernatural powers, concurrent sinister forces converge on Springfield from The House of Baal— a secret, idol-worshipping dynasty carrying the Seed of biblical Queen Jezebel.
Prematurely, Manny will have to collect himself for his first encounter with his ultimate enemy.
Garcia’s secret allies come forward, and his training for the future is made practical immediately.