STARRR Reviews: Press & Testimonials


“…. fresh new resources into our schools……..all in a fun and innovative way!”

Renee Harper, Director, SubCentral
NYC DOE, Division of Human Resources

“…a program based in the heart of the South Bronx has begun recruiting professional actors as substitute teachers to help children improve literacy and gain self-confidence. …Instead of a non-productive day, which is often the norm when teachers are absent and substitutes are brought in, students learn playwriting and storytelling and the actors gain valuable training and flexible work.”

NEW YORK TIMES Job Market  – March 20, 2005


“Plays like FISHERMAN and the STARRR program have helped us build capacity for theater education at PS 48. As an Art form and as an instrument for academic instruction, Drama is now getting a bigger role in our instructional culture.”

John Hughes, Principal, PS 48

“Kids will forget the latest Gameboy. What they will long remember is seeing a play with their parents. FISHERMAN provided that opportunity for our families.”

Daniel Garcia, Principal PS 130

“Since 2003, the STARRR Program, a collaborative project between the New York City Department of Education and The Actors’ Fund of America, has provided high-quality training and job skills to members of the film and theatre industries right here in New York City.”

Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting


It’s amazing how much Drama we’re getting for so little money.”

Thomas Guarnieri, Principal, PS 47