Israel Has Utterly Failed as a Jewish State.

May 14th, 2021

Israel’s Spiritual Bankruptcy Disqualifies Zionism as a Moral Cause



By the grace of Almighty God— blessed be His Name—the state of Israel has become a modern, prosperous, materialistic, capitalistic, corporate-driven imperialistic nation— schooled in the uses of political power and military occupation by its Western, Christian allies.

Unfortunately— that was never the Holy Purpose of the “Jewish” State.

The Jews of Israel have utterly failed to create a nation that is a political exemplar of Jewish standards of behavior— certainly NOT as American Jews have learned to practice them.

Through the reporting of journalists like Max Blumenthal and Norman Finkelstein, American Jews are coming to terms with the truth about Israel. All along, we were actually being shilled by the Israeli Jews. They convinced us to think that they, above all, had the moral authority to represent Jews to the world. Their intentions were never spiritual.

But we gave them such moral authority — religiously.

Our ignorant Hebrew ancestors gave this level of spiritual authority to the priests of the Temple. If you consider Jewish history as an accurate guide, you will quickly learn that– not only once but TWICE– did God Almighty decisively destroy the corruption of Judaism by the Temple Priests who abused their spiritual authority.

In terms of representing modern Jewish values to the world, the Israeli Jews might just as well be collecting and melting their jewelry in order to worship Netanyahu’s Golden Calf.

American Jews have a moral duty to disqualify Israel as a Jewish State. 





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