10 Day Residency Programs



Helping Children Scaffold Their Thoughts

Grades 3-8+

Instilling the Rhythms of Rational Voice With Expository Writing

Before there was the high stakes test, there was the question.

Questioning is still the primary linguistic tool we use to make kids think.

Each deliberately- worded question we ask should contain the linguistic infrastructure to enable young thinkers to frame a ready answer.

The purpose of this unit of instruction is to train young writers and their teachers to deconstruct a question in order to build the scaffolding to answer it.

Using this technique, we will instill the cadences of rational voice into children’s consciousness. Our methodology will teach students the syntax of rational voice, not by grammar and rules, but through the rhythms of speech and logic.


Tygers and Lambs

Grades 4-8+

Exploring Voices of  Innocence and Experience


Two poems by William Blake help students explore image, voice and author’s purpose in poetic expression.

From Songs of Experience the Tiger embodies what is dark, violent and fierce in human nature. From Songs of Innocence the Lamb embodies what is gentle, trusting, playful. Through the words of the great English poet, children of all ages can come to terms with both the Tigers and Lambs within themselves.

The Tragic Death of Phaeton


Grades 5-8+


Middle school students experience the expressive power of Greek Tragedy in terms they can understand and feel.

The story is of a boy looking for the love of his father. Feeling guilty as a parent, the adult makes an unwise promise to the child. This ancient myth provides today’s 12-15 year olds with a tragic circumstance they can identify with. Solid with the story, young teenagers can then appreciate and reflect upon how the Greeks expressed themselves through their Dramatic Arts.

Brer Rabbit and the Dummy Trap


Grades 3-8+


The Uncle Remus classic about how the clever Fox conspires to trap his mortal enemy, Brer Rabbit. The smart alec rabbit literally gets stuck in his own violence. A great moral tale about anger management for a new generation: Think before you punch.

Juan Bobo’s Journey


Grades 3-8+


A Folk tale from Puerto Rico about a young simpleton who is the only one who can make a sad princess laugh. Lots of fun— and with a message to love people as they are.



Grades 3-5


The Grimm Brothers’ tale of a king who likes gold, a father’s foolish boast, a girl in distress, and a mysterious Little Old Man.

Ketu’s Last Laugh


Grades 1-4


A Folktale from Africa presents culture and comedy with village characters, a chorus, a dog, a cow and a talking snake. The story is about a happy man whose laughter gets him into serious trouble when he is given a magical gift.



Grades PreK- 2


A bold and irritating parrot rallies his nocturnal rainforest companions. They must save the moon from fierce Moon Dogs.



based on the book by Frank Asch

Grades PreK- 2


When Starbaby comes too close to the earth from the sky, he falls into the ocean and becomes a sea creature. Then he is caught by the fisherman and he begins his life on earth.

Children delight in acting out the fantasy which, on some deeper level, serves as an initiation into their own journey.



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