A Novel for the NEW AGE

Narrative Architecture 

We are re-telling the story of King Arthur set within the political and spiritual zeitgeist of 2032. 

Our Arthur will personify a new ideal— the twenty-first century Warrior and World Changer.

Our Merlin will personify the modern wizard— a magician who uses paranormal skills like astral projection for instructional purposes and who interprets his pupils’ potentials by reading their horoscopes.

The new President of the United States has just swept into power in a third party landslide. EMANUEL GOMEZ GARCIA, like the legendary unifier of Great Britain, has now created an American momentum to “upend the corruption long endemic within the two-party system.” 

Like King Arthur’s Camelot, President Garcia’s Administration is destined to set off a new historical epoch, the Aquarian Age, when political leadership will make humanitarian ideals practical.  

King Arthur’s MERLIN is President Garcia’s SAMUEL T. HERMANO.

Each Warrior and World Changer was conceived through the practice of clandestine magic on the part of his wizard. Then, at a predetermined time in the youngster’s life, the wizard would return to prepare the boy for his future role on the world stage. The introduction of Mr. Hermano into the life of 15 year old Manny Garcia forms the core narrative for The First Aquarian Commander. 


In the Fall of 1986, the New York Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series, the Internet was just starting up and the iPhone wouldn’t be around for another 20 years. An orphan boy growing up in the poor North End of Springfield, Massachusetts was about to be turned upside-down and inside-out.UPSIDE-DOWN because Manny Garcia and his new friend, Ellen Rosen, have just realized they are falling in love.

INSIDE-OUT because Manny will soon encounter his wizard— a Houdini-inspired magician who is also an ordained Jewish rabbi— an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who is concealing a mysterious past.

Manny was born in 1971; however, the idea for Manny Garcia was conceived three and a half decades before then.

In 1936, a special congregation of 36 internationally-renown rabbis met at a synagogue in Budapest, Hungary. They called themselves, the LAMED VAV. They prepared collectively for the inevitable Holocaust they knew was about to come. During their spiritually attuned state, it was revealed to these Lamed Vav rabbis that a source of Evil far more terrifying than any other ever known on earth was going to be set free in Europe in the mid-twentieth century. This coming Holocaust was to be just the beginning. 

“We will extinguish the light of their invisible God one candle at a time.”
                        from The Ba’alist Agenda, 830 B.C.E

The Ba’alist Agenda is an ancient blueprint for converting communities that have been serving the God of Israel into technologically savvy modern pagan societies that will promote practices of hedonism and self-pleasure.

Ancient Ba’alist priests had foretold that future pagans would engineer the mass murder of the world’s Jews in a “Great Decimation” to take place between 1941 and 1945 CE. Within less than 1500 days, fully one third of the world’s Jewish people were to be completely wiped off the face of the earth. It would take 70 years to replenish them. Six million potential voices that could have opposed the rising tide of commercialism and money-making were all to be slaughtered into silence. The priests of Ba’al boasted that by the middle of the twenty-first century CE, the Ba’alist Agenda will have become fully normalized throughout all of human civilization.

However, within this ancient scroll was a warning to future devotees of Lord Ba’al: a great Warrior and World Changer would arise from among the Jews. This leader would unrelentingly challenge and then could defeat their brand of re-christened Idolatry. In order to discover his true identity, the Ba’alist priests prescribed protocols for searching amongst the children of the Children of Israel and then snuffing out all boys born between 1970 and 1972 CE as soon as they could become dangerous to the Ba’alist State.

One of those 36 holy men who had gathered in Hungary was a sage who would eventually become Samuel Hermano’s trusted mentor and advisor— a Chassidic rabbi later known as “The Astoria Rebbe.” In 1936 “The Rebbe” was the youngest participant at the LAMED VA. While his colleagues were deep in prayer, this one received personal spiritual guidance that he would one day be brought to New York by an historic Jewish family. A scion from that blood line, the Rebbe was told, was destined to father an American Warrior and World Changer who would bring the American people into the new Age of Aquarius

The House of Ba’al has accumulated capital compounding since the days of biblical Babylon. Ba’alist priests have had generous resources to fund wars, pogroms, assassinations, ethnic cleansing, inquisitions, book burnings, and all forms of apartheid throughout history. So it took the LAMED VAV allies by surprise when they learned that the House of Ba’al had rented a warehouse near Springfield, Massachusetts, less than eight miles from the house where 15 year old Manny Garcia had been safely concealed.

In partnership with a wacky local drug dealer named Queenie LaRouge– a specialist in voodoo medicines and zombie states of mind— the House of Ba’al had made investments in Queenie’s Electronic Voodoo ™, a technology that promised to turn mass populations of American citizens into virtual zombies. 

Karen Schumer

When Sam Hermano and the LAMED VAV allies learned that Queenie had received money from the House of Ba’al and that a young Ba’alist engineer named Toulouse had appeared on the scene to supervise her, they feared the House of Ba’al had also discovered Manny’s true identity and was rewarding Queenie to lure him in.

Mr. Hermano had to cut short his long- term training program for the future Warrior and World Changer. Just when the wizard had begun to teach his pupil to travel outside his physical body, Manny’s precious twelve year old friend, Rojo, was taken hostage by Queenie LaRouge and Toulouse. 

Manny has a plan to rescue Rojo by using the astral projection skills he has just learned. Hermano will not hear of it. His teacher does not think Manny is ready. Manny’s legal guardian also thinks this is a job for the police and not for a 15 year old boy. Nonetheless, Manny is getting himself inwardly braced to defy them all and go in anyway. 

Then he gets a green light from an unexpected authority.







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