A Novel for the NEW AGE


The first Aquarian Commander is LT. COL. EMMANUEL GOMEZ GARCIA.

In 2032, Manny Garcia is elected 49th President of the United States in a third party landslide. 
Garcia unites the country behind his American Revival Party and upends the corruption long endemic within the two- party system. He starts clearing away the permanent logjam that had been blocking populist agendas in Washington, DC for the past sixty years. 
There were also stunning victories in both houses of Congress.

The novel opens with the exuberance of Garcia’s victorious election. It closes on the more sobering first day of his administration in January, 2033. These political milestones will frame President Garcia, as he was eventually to become. 
But this book is about Manny Garcia in the ninth grade.
He is going to Chestnut Jr. High School on the north end of Springfield, Massachusetts. The year is 1986 — the Internet is just starting up, but iPhones won’t come out for another 20 years. The fifteen year old Manny has just accepted a challenge to break into Chestnut’s forbidden third floor tower.

K. Schumer
This teenager’s personal life has just been turned upside-down and inside-out:
UPSIDE-DOWN because Manny and his new friend, Ellen Rosen, have just realized that they are falling in love.
INSIDE-OUT because Manny is about to encounter Samuel T. Hermano, his Magic Teacher— a wizard and a rabbi— sent by secret allies to prepare the boy for his future role on the world stage.
Manny’s journey to fulfill his destiny begins early one morning in Science class, where an odd business card is somehow passed to him.





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