Lessons in WHOLE CHILD Teaching

Notes from New Marlborough


Here are my students at PS 130 in the Bronx, warming up before they perform.

When I take the wheel of your bus from you each week, and you go down and sit in the seats among your own passengers, I wonder what you are observing about them?

You get in a position to SEE the obvious— and it is exactly here, hidden in plain sight— where your relationship with the WHOLE CHILD exists.

Non-judgmentally, during their little performances of “Yellow- Yos,” you can’t help but take note of how differently each child attends, stands, steps forward, recites and then steps back.

Why is it that, without looking at standardized test scores, teachers can SEE who their most successful students are apt to be?

You can tell by “how he carries himself”, or how “together” she is, how well he “focuses”, or how “comfortable” she is within her own body.

While you observe your children performing, you can SEE the forces of their personal will transparently before you. You can SEE the inner spirit at work motivating and coordinating the myriad splendor of nerves, muscles, bones, phonemes, sense memories, concepts and emotions swirling around within that apparently coherent little human being who steps forward and recites, “Yellow Yo-yos.”



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