Here’s a TV Show + Drama Class produced for kids, ages 5-12

Our experimental Lessons of Mass Instruction will soon be available on YouTube

“Let’s Act Out!” is offered FREE by the Myrin Institute and Educate the Whole Child to demonstrate how progressive, multi- intelligent and arts integrated teaching methods can bring back the thrill of learning  into American classrooms.

The Let’s Act Out! experience premiered February 28 in a stand-alone, live stream event celebrating Black History Month and the Harlem Renaissance.

This extraordinary “Lesson of Mass Instruction”  offered participating families both delight and instruction as they performed The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes in a shared experience.
Home video directors were given time and directions during the show to record their young actors performing for the camera.

A Parent-Teacher GuideBook accompanies each program in the series, describing the particular activities on each show and giving reasons for the activities.

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