“Hey, look” Manny pointed, “A shooting star!”

“Indeed,” the wizard eagerly consulted his watch, and then he frowned. “Three minutes late— I must have misplaced a decimal. I hate all decimals and fractions!”

Mr. Hermano was explaining Manny’s horoscope.

“A horoscope is a snapshot of the ever- changing cosmos taken at the moment you were born,” he instructed. “It tells me who you were… who you are and who you can become. Nothing against her, but your school guidance counselor doesn’t know any Astrology. If she did, she might have accessed all the data we know about you from your previous three lives on earth. With that degree of information, you can better align your present actions with your Soul’s greater purpose on earth.”

Do you see the red circle there, with a dot the middle? That’s the Sun clocked at February 9, 1971– nineteen degrees Aquarius, fifty-seven minutes. Your birthday is the day the earth returns to that same spot in relation to the sun.

“Your birthday in Aquarius occurs every February, when the cold, dark winter is soon to end. So, based on this natural solar cycle, people born when the sun is in Aquarius instinctively have faith that the future will be absolutely brighter than the present. Your drive for optimism is built into your Aquarian DNA, Manny. Do you see that little horseshoe right next to your sun– at 23 degrees Aquarius 36 minutes? That tells me that your destiny is to be an Aquarian-style warrior and an Aquarian-style leader whose own qualities of Soul will model those being required of all humanity for the Age of Aquarius. 

“Put aside what your well-meaning guidance counselor has told you about your explosive anger as a little kid,” Mr. Hermano went on, “Any Astrologer can look at your horoscope and see immediately that you were NOT acting out as a child merely because you were an orphan. You were NOT angry at your birth parents and ‘Taking it out on everybody else,’ like she told you. You actually felt the way you did as a little kid because your Moon– at 9 degrees Leo 32 minutes– is so close to your South Node– at 23 degrees Leo 36 minutes– that you must have been some kind of Big Shot in your last lifetime— maybe even a KING. Now, there you were back in 1971, having to grow up all over again in that pipsqueak of a body. You were furiously frustrated. You had an intuitive sense of wielding great power in the world, but there you were— just another little kid— having to start up the chain of command all over again and take orders from other people.” 

“Exactly!” Manny cried out. “And I’ve always had this feeling inside that I was was being held back and that I was meant to do BIGGER things in my life. Until I had Mrs. Pulaski in fifth grade, I  thought I was imagining these things just to make myself feel more important.”

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