The American Revival Party

The most successful third party in American history was launched during an interview on the Joe Rogan ShowFebruary 15, 2027
From 2019- 2026 when he retired, Lieutenant Colonel Garcia had commanded the New Warrior Battalion, a unit within the U.S. Army tasked with applying methods derived from paranormal science into modern warfare situations such as ESP, levitation, astral projection, psychic healing.
When Rogan asked Garcia if he could see himself ever running for political office, Garcia stated that there was only one issue he would run on— getting  money out of politics.
“We have let our political and economic systems get way too corrupt ever to be reformed,”  Garcia declared. “The American people are long overdue for a massive change of heart– and that new heart will never arise from any existing political party or REFORM strategy. What we need in this country is a spiritual REVIVAL. Like they first asked in 1787–  What is our national purpose?  I would organize an AMERICAN REVIVAL PARTY as  a political collaborative able to resuscitate our forsaken national soul.”
Rogan then asked Garcia how he would use existing legal infrastructure in order to create his spiritual revival in American politics.
“There’s only one way” Garcia answered unequivocally. “We schedule a Citizen’s Constitutional Convention for 2034. Then we use every conceivable means of interpersonal communication, social media and electronic collaboration all focused on amending the Constitution of the United States in order to re-define how Congress will be elected– and how our elected representatives will be held accountable.”
Five years after Garcia’s appearance on Rogan, the American Revival Party had achieved an overwhelming mandate by voters to organize a Constitutional Convention for 2034.

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