Secret Allies

The Lamed Vav

            A secret collaborative of Holocaust survivors was tasked with advancing the destiny of this particular boy.


The Rabbis say that thirty-six exemplary Righteous Ones are always present on the earth at one time— anonymous, unbeknownst to each other, each handpicked by God— together they serve the forces of spiritual evolution.

LAMED VAV is the number 36 (18 X 2) in Hebrew.       

In 1936, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, a  congregation of 36 celebrated rabbis met at a synagogue in Budapest, Hungary.  They named themselves the “Lamed Vav.” These three dozen revered Jewish elders prayed together, and they fasted and they bathed in accordance with the Law. They prepared for the inevitable debacle they knew would be coming within five years.

From their spiritually purified state, it was revealed to them that a source of Evil far worse than any other ever known on earth was about to be unleashed into civilization. The coming Holocaust would clear the way for an additional 100 years of voracious Materialism validated by the neo-pagan glorification of “free market forces.”

The youngest rabbi in the Lamed Vav, with his head appearing as a bouncing bump beneath his prayer shawl, was receiving spiritual Guidance. He would be brought to America by the younger members of a well-established Jewish family, and from this lineage, the first great leader of the Aquarian Age will be born.

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