“Men shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you.”        (Zechariah 8:23)

The Lamed Vav

An orphaned boy growing up in Springfield, MA, circa 1986, has found himself in the middle of a Jewish congregation of holocaust survivors on a crusade to rid the world of Idolatry.

They have felt called by God to advance the destiny of this particular boy from Springfield, Massachusetts.


Jewish wisdom tells us that 36 exemplary “Righteous Ones” are always on earth at one time— anonymous, unbeknownst to each other, each handpicked by God— collectively they prepare humanity for what Jews believe is the coming messianic age.

LAMED VAV is the number 36 (18 + 18) in Hebrew.       

In 1936, shortly before the outbreak of World War II, a  congregation of 36 venerated rabbis met at a synagogue in Budapest, Hungary.  They named their extraordinary congregation, “The Lamed Vav.” These three dozen elders prayed together, fasted and bathed ritually in accordance with the Law. They purified themselves spiritually to prepare for the inevitable Holocaust they knew was about to hit their own congregations within just a few years.

From their spiritually attuned state, it was revealed to these Lamed Vav rabbis that a source of Evil far more terrifying than any other ever known on earth was about to be set free in Europe. This Holocaust would be just the beginning of  100 years to come marked by human civilization’s descent into voracious Materialism and resurgent Idolatry.

The youngest rabbi present with the Lamed Vav in 1936, while bent in prayer amongst his elders, received special Counsel: He would be brought to New York by the younger members of a well-established Jewish-American family, and from their bloodline, a great American leader will be born.

In the United States, that young rabbi came to be revered as “The Astoria Rebbe,” and he developed quite a large following for his ideas in Queens, New York.

We must promote an idealistic and yet secular vision for the coming New Age. This will be our special strategy to avoid the fate that has befallen every other civilization whose material ambitions triumphed over their spiritual aspirations.”

Rabbi Sanford ben Eichler,

“The Astoria Rebbe”

Judaism in the Age of Aquarius


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