“Queenie LaRouge” had been born Antoinette LeBlanc, a young woman from a privileged Haitian family encompassing generations of respected physicians and surgeons. Obviously, she had been well-schooled in the proper use of English. Yet the lady’s speech was a cockamamie dialect of her own invented hybrid from seventeenth centuryish sort of Caribbean-Scottish pirate talk mixed with Biblical language— if and when she remembered to use any of it.   

“This red-haired boy gets us MANNY GARCEE— me bitty caterpillars— y’see?” she says to them “And Manny Garcee be a boy that picks locks good. So when’s we gets him in width us on the board with Queenie’s big scheme, y’see— then we goose a headin fetches up them thar 144 Sony Trinitron TV sets there out’in Enfield, Cee Tee of which Queenie bin talkin’t’you all about workin’on with them special TV tools I bot for ye. Manny Garcee willbee best at open-in all der locks dare, y’see?”

In other words, this wacko former voodoo doctor– now turned artisan drug dealer– is seeking to bait Manny Garcia into her “class” of fatherless boys, each of whom she keeps under her control by using special blends of voodoo drugs that she has invented. Manny has come under Queenie’s radar because she has heard that Manny has a reputation for being able to pick open locks. She needs him to help her break into a warehouse in Enfield, Connecticut and steal 144 Sony Trinitron TV sets for a nefarious scheme she is trying to get funded.

When she receives funding from the House of Ba’al and a young Ba’alist  supervisor named Toulouse is assigned to monitor her, Mr. Hermano and his allies have good reason to believe that the House of Ba’al has succeeded in tracking down Manny through Queenie.

The little girl who had been raised as a doctor’s daughter knew from a young age that she could become very rich by exploiting the voodoo formulas and spells passed down by her ancestors. In the Five College area of the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts, she had already established a well-heeled clientele of trust fund brats who craved the extraordinary thrills offered up by her speciality brands of mind-altering drugs.

For Queenie LaRouge, her lifetime of devotion to a little plastic idol of the bull-god had already brought her a real cash cow. And on one very special morning, things grew even brighter for her because she was officially inducted into the House of Ba’al.

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