“We will extinguish the light of their invisible God one candle at a time.”

                        from The Ba’alist Agenda, 830 B.C.E

The Ba’alist Agenda is a blueprint to convert communities that have been serving the God of Israel into technologically savvy pagan societies that will promote practices of hedonism and self-pleasure.

The Ba’alist Agenda was written on an ancient scroll, carbon- dated to 830 BCE (Before Christian Era). It was handed down for over 28 centuries within an unbroken lineage descended from the biblical Queen Jezebel and King Ahab. The Agenda, in part, proscribes Jezebel’s ultimate revenge against the Jews for her brutal assassination by the followers of the prophet, Elijah. (2 Kings 9:30-37)

For generations, the secret priests of Ba’al have been quietly investing in revolutions, pogroms, assassinations, ethnic cleansing, inquisitions, book burnings, apartheid, and most recently, an electronic voodoo technology that will make mass populations of American citizens turn into virtual zombies.

These priests of Lord Ba’al have foretold that future pagans and Ba’alists will initiate a vast Holocaust against the Jews from the years 1941- 1945 C.E.  Within less than 1500 DAYS, fully one third of the world’s Jewish people will be completely wiped out. It will take 70 years to replenish them. Six million potential voices that could have been raised against the growing cult of money-making will be slaughtered into silence. The Ba’alist priests boast that by the middle of the twenty first century CE, the Ba’alist Agenda will have become fully normalized throughout all of human civilization.

But the ancient priests of Ba’al also prophesied that a Warrior and World Changer would arise from among the Jews. Since the global reach of this leader would subvert the Ba’alist Agenda, future pagans and Ba’alists were warned that he must be squashed on sight. In order to do so, Ba’alists of the future were given specific instructions for how to search and snuff out out the most likely candidates to be born between 1970 and 1972 CE.

“Eliminate ALL possible individuals as children” the ancient text instructs, “rather than giving any one of them the chance to grow up and build political power.”



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