How the Ba’alist Agenda Came to Springfield

“Praise be to Lord Ba’al, Prince of the Earth– For Him, we will extinguish the light of the Jews by one candle at a time.”

The Ba’alist Agenda

and bring human civilization back to darkness

” begins , “And then we will increase the darkness, unrelentingly.”





When Manny Garcia went through the once padlocked door




After spending his whole childhood as a very angry orphan kid, Manny Garcia finally learned how to control his temper a few years ago. He had turned himself around from being a special education student who had anger management issues to a talented and gifted student in a city-wide honors program.

The Thursday before Halloween Friday in 1986 was four days after the NY Mets beat the Boston Red Sox in the World Series. Dionne Warwick sang That’s What Friends Are For, the top single on Billboard’s Hot 100. Manny Garcia was pulling off a stunt at his school that eventually would lead him to a certain wizard and rabbi from a secret Jewish collaborative dedicated to safeguarding his future.




They were disturbed to see long established humanitarian values being abandoned in favor of money-making. It was a very religious issue for them. Organized as the “Lamed Vav,” they were bent on stopping the spread of Materialism in the world.

For reasons he did not understand, they needed Manny to help.





Figure 1 The Golden Calf






“We will first dim down the light of their God— one candle at a time” begins The Ba’alist Agenda, “And then we will increase the darkness, unrelentingly.”

After the military defeat of the axis powers, the “Lamed Vavniks” who had survived the holocaust met to assess the future of Judaism. Rabbi Sanford ben Eichler, who was just then becoming known as “The Astoria Rebbe,” was adamant that all Jews should be unwavering in their historical opposition to Idolatry and Materialistic thinking. “The historical purpose of the Jewish people” Rabbi ben Eichler implored his fellow rabbis, “has always been to oppose the natural inclination of human beings towards Materialism.”

At the time, the world’s Jews did not realize that Queen Jezebel‘s lineage had remained intact these past 28 centuries— and that their sole purpose was to wipe out the invisible God of Israel and replace the wisdom of the Torah with the worship of Prince Ba’al, Lord of the Earth. Unbridled materialism and unmitigated greed would come to be promoted as “prosperity.”


To unify such a diverse collaboration of spirituality-oriented individuals, Rebbe pointed to the imminent arrival of a New Age. He urged the necessity for an Aquarian Agenda to counter the Ba’alist Agenda. He wrote,We must promote an idealistic and secular vision for the coming Aquarian Age. This will be our best strategy for avoiding the inevitable catastrophes that have befallen all other civilizations whose material ambitions triumphed over their spiritual aspirations.”


Within such materialistic restraints to thought, there can be no human potential beyond  the material reality. Pagan peoples conceptualized forces of nature into individual gods. They worshipped their images of the gods and used repetitious, ritualized behavior in order to influence their gods. They made sacrifices in order to affect the outcomes that the physical laws of nature had upon their material lives— mainly the weather, the stars and fertility.

The historical purpose of the Jewish people has always been to oppose the natural inclination of human beings towards Materialism.

Towards that end,          










More than any other metaphysical influence, the practice of MONOTHEISM has bestowed spiritual transcendence onto the biology of human evolution. The practice of Idolatry had served to institutionalize human spirituality into earth-bound and regressive natural forces.
Idolatry— Materialism— is the expression of instincts and desires that would reduce human consciousness only to a rational animal’s relationship with its natural environment. Within such materialistic thinking, there is no human potential that can transcend material reality.
Pagan people were materialists in that they conceptualized unseen forces of nature as individualized gods. They worshipped graven images of their gods and used repetitious, ritualized behavior in order to affect their gods. They made sacrifices to influence the outcomes that physical laws of nature had on their material lives.

The historical purpose of the Jewish people has always been to oppose the natural inclination of human beings towards Materialism.

In Biblical literature, the vehemence of Jews against worshipping nature is made most dramatic in the story of Jezebel.
The Biblical Queen Jezebel with King Ahab tried— disastrously— to introduce Ba’al worship into ancient Israel. They built public idols to this fertility god and prayed to his craven image as a bull.
The story goes that Jezebel was brutally assassinated by the followers of the Jewish prophet Elijah. They threw her off her bedroom balcony where she was immediately torn apart by a pack of devouring dogs.

THE FIRST AQUARIAN COMMANDER premises that the ancestors of Queen Jezebel were joined by a host of her loyal followers and that they established the House of Ba’al in 830 BC. Jezebel‘s lineage has remained unbroken these 28 centuries for the single purpose of undermining the invisible God of the Jews.

The priests of Ba’al prophesied that during the period of transition between the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, at the Winter Solstice calculated to be 1989 AD, future Materialists would consecrate a bronze idol to Ba’al and place him at the very center of world commerce. Prince Ba’al, Lord of the Earth would then unleash a half century of unbridled materialism and unmitigated greed that would be popularly promoted as “prosperity.” 

As the Astoria Rebbe had asserted until his dying day, “The Ba’alist Agenda must be destroyed by using every natural and supernatural means.”

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