How Well Does Your School Teach THE WHOLE CHILD?

Teachers study how the human mind thinks.

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brain hemispheres


Teachers learn that human potential is expressed in a variety of intelligences.

multiple intelligencesHoward Gardner, Multiple Intelligences

Teachers know what to do to make today’s youngsters successful in the global economy.

workDaniel Pink   A Whole New Mind



So why is the United States of America now forcing its public school teachers to NARROW the full range of instructional experience in school—  going against our history and flying in the face of the scientific evidence for how children learn?

Let’s boost student achievement by EXPANDING what is achievable in school.


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Insist that your school provide a WELL-ROUNDED education for all students.

Consider how the instructional day in your child’s school is balanced among mental, academic, artistic, physical, manual and social-emotional intelligences.


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